Medical cannabis

Effective Treatment to Help Patients Cope With the Cancer

Medical cannabis contains several beneficial cannabinoids and other components, and its ability to induce certain physiological changes is also being studied. The hash oil, which contains these interesting and beneficial cannabinoids like 9 THC and others, may help treat cancer, as suggested by researchers in Spain who published their findings in The British Journal of Cancer.

One of the recent effects of THC currently being studied is its ability to inhibit tumor growth, and this discovery could have far-reaching implications for research related to cancer treatment. Results from a study by Salazar et al. published in the Journal of Clinical Research indicate that THC in medical hash oil triggers autophagy in tumor cells.

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Treating prostate cancer

Their research was primarily focused on treating prostate cancer at marijuana dispensary, and the results clearly indicated that this set of molecules, originally found in cannabis, could be a potential solution. 9 THC does not kill cancer cells indiscriminately and without discrimination. In fact, the cell death process is extremely targeted and highly specific because THC uses a receptor binding mechanism on the cell surface that activates the cell’s signaling pathway, causing cell death. Because these changes take place at the cellular level, involving various molecular actors and factors, scientists were able to use knockout mice and miRNAs to understand how the whole process works. In addition to being one of the most important steps in promoting this process of programmed cell death, autophagy, the beneficial biological effects of cannabinoids in fighting the symptoms of other chronic ailments and diseases also continue.

Medical marijuana not only slows the spread and growth of cancers, but also kills them, and its use in the prevention and treatment of bowel cancer is well documented. Professor Chris Paraskeva from Bristol, whose work is funded by Cancer Research UK, is researching the anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids for treating this type of cancer. All research was done using purified cannabinoid chemicals, not cannabis itself, which contains a number of other chemicals. In addition, there is no strong evidence that smoking MMJ can cure cancer.

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Types of cannabinoid receptors

There are basically two types of cannabinoid receptors; CB1 and CB2, which trigger a cascade of biological events within them. While the first type is found primarily in nerve cells in the brain and is responsible for the mind-altering effects of cannabis, the second type is found throughout the body and may be a prime suspect for triggering the biological effects of these cannabinoids in the body and parts of the body other than the brain. Therefore, the development of suitable drugs based on the active ingredients contained in hash oil may be important for the treatment of cancer.